Registration process

You are close to register to CanthroFur, please find out about the process bellow.

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  1. Add one or multiple attendees

    Once your are connected, create your first attendee. If you want to come to more than one, you can add multiple attendees to the same account.

    You can fill your informations details even if the registrations are closed.

    Upload your fursona by clicking on the upload button (the green icon)

  2. Apply for a participation

    When the registrations are opened, you can apply for a participation to the convention.

    Click on the "Participate" button to show the participation form.

  3. Select participation options

    Hotel rooms

    We leave it to you to organise the sharing of the cost of the room, but we need to know if you want to come together or not to as the hotel is not extensible.

    As buyer, you can add a room to your participation. A code will be generated for it. Give this code to your room-mate to allow him/her to join.

  4. Check-out
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