Prepare your enrollment!

Welcome to our registration assistance page

We understand that this stage can be crucial and sometimes complex, which is why we have implemented several resources to assist you.

Here, you will find a FAQ to address the most common questions, a tool to facilitate roommate search necessary for payment, and information on how to contact us for any additional assistance.

Our goal is to make your registration experience as simple and smooth as possible.

Convention registration: the FAQ

To assist you in this crucial stage of convention registration, our team has prepared a FAQ to address the most common questions. You can find it on this shared document: FAQ registration.

Roommate search

To be able to pay, it is mandatory to have a complete room. To assist you in finding a roommate, we have created a document where you can sign up to facilitate your search. You can find it on this shared document: roommate search.

Carpool search

You are looking to carpool to Clermont-Ferrand?

I invite you to sign-up on this shared document. You can offer a carpool if you have available seats in your car, or request a carpool if you need a ride from your location to the convention.

Clearly indicate your starting point, departure, and return times.

Assistance and contact

If you have any questions, for simpler queries, we can address them in our Telegram groups (see page footer).
However, for more complex inquiries, please contact us via email (see page footer).