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Dealers' Den

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Exchanging with artists

The Dealers' Den

Do you know what's best about a furry convention?

A room dedicated to the community's artists and craftspeople: the Dealers' Den!


What is it all about?

The Dealers' Den is a space dedicated to the sale of a wide variety of merchandise related to the furry community.

During opening hours, you can buy stickers, books, cuddly toys, commissions, fursuits, etc. from the artists on hand.
As well as shopping, participants can meet artists and authors. You might even have the chance to place an order with the artist you've always wanted to meet!

When does it take place?

The opening hours of the Dealers' Den will be available on the convention schedule shortly.

There will be 3-hour slots over 2 days.

How is the event organised?

This year, we're introducing a ticket system (to avoid frostbite :smiling_face_with_halo: - some will get the reference!).
Imagine you're at the Post Office, you'll get a number and you can wait your turn in the warmth.

For the first session of the Dealers' Den, sponsors will have priority.